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Biscotte has a large garage and a mechanical workshop for all industrial and agricultural vehicles.

Biscotte delivers on the entire Swiss-French territory and closely collaborates with national carriers for delivery to the rest of Switzerland.

Biscotte works with fifty regional producers and completes their packaging and highlighting.

This applies to the potato for roasting, which has become the company’s flagship product, but also to leeks and salads.

Delivery in less than 24 hours in the whole Switzerland.



Biscotte Fruits et Légumes SA

Chemin du Bois de Boulogne 4

1184 Vinzel

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The name Biscotte comes from its founder, Jean Zwygart. As he was a young man originally from Bern, he cried out on his way to school «Bis Gott, bis Got… », after which he was named « Biscotte » by his French-speaking companions.

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