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In 2010, we reintroduced the production of old-fashioned vegetables, such as parsnip and Jerusalem artichokes.

Biscotte also specialized in the production and commercialization of niche products such as yelow beans and Chasselas variety table grapes. 


Each year, Biscotte produces in average:


600 tons of beans during the summer


50 tons of yellow beans


1.5 million of boots white and red fresh Cipollote onions


3,500 tons of carrots


1500 tons of potatoes


500 tons of yellow and red onions


50 tons of Parsnips


20 tons of Jerusalem artichoke


Spring & summer salads, such as the Iceberg variety, Lollo rosso, mini-lettuce 




Biscotte Fruits et Légumes SA

Chemin du Bois de Boulogne 4

1184 Vinzel

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The name Biscotte comes from its founder, Jean Zwygart. As he was a young man originally from Bern, he cried out on his way to school «Bis Gott, bis Got… », after which he was named « Biscotte » by his French-speaking companions.

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